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There were many questions related to my Systems Engineering experience and my experience working with engineers in a fast-paced and challenging work environment. There were also several "puzzle" questions asked like <you have 81 coins, 80 of the coins weigh weight W1, the other coin weighs weight W2, and W2>W1, what is the most efficient way of finding coin W2?> or <you have 3 doors, a prize is behind one door, pick a door, I tell you one of the doors the prize is not behind, do you stay with your initial door selection or switch to the other door and why?>

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I won't provide answers to the puzzle questions above, as that would just be cheating :), however, I will say that the point of the questions is not the right answers, it is more to see how you think and react under pressure. As far as technical questions, those are job specific, but be prepared to speak about how you deal with difficult people in a challenging work environment to get the information and actions you need to be efficient in your job while maintaining a positive relationship with individuals in the workplace.

can you work in autocad 3D?

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Asked about projects on my resume

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Everything is from Data structures and algorithms and few behavioral questions.

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Explain previous projects you have done.

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What are you interested in this position.

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how do you work with people from different culture?

Probability based questions, quite a few of them

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