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Software Systems Engineer was asked...November 20, 2023

Questions on Linux, operating systems, Docker


What attracted you to this position and what are you looking to get out of this internship?


Operating systems (ex. process v.s thread, TLB, PCB, ISR, C/C++), resume-related.


High school grades, relevant experience questions. Personality questions.


1)Some basic questions about OS such as threads, multi-programming, multi-tasking etc. 2)To design an algorithm so that the high priority process is given the lock as soon as it wants and the second low priority process releases it. Also here the high priority process is a non-preemptive process and low priority process is not one. 3 )There was an another question which I tend to forget.

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1) I knew the basic OS concepts so I answered all the theoretical questions. 2) I tried real hard but couldn't come to an answer and for the 3rd question as well. 3)All in all I could have prepared better but didn't and I wish for you to prepare well and get through all the rounds. Less

Intel Corporation

Competency based Q's Q's about past working experiences


typical ice breakers like volatile, static etc. question about compiler optimization. what happens if compiler can't store variable in a register ? then gave me a code snippet to find bug. was an array out of bounds access in a for loop. then in last 10 mins or so, asked me to write malloc and free for a fixed buffer array and return offset to user.


Tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself in the future, what does your current workplace think of you

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