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There really were none. 1) how do you make/setup a website, 2) tell me a time when you worked on a team (outcome etc), 3) run me through your resume

The interview mostly focused on my experiences in college, how I would handle certain scenarios, and a briefing of my skill set. I was asked to give an example of a time I engineered a seemingly impossible situation. My response was creative and true to real-life experiences. They weren't as interested in the solution as they were my thought process.

Share a team leading experience in one of your project or work experience

memory management questions (deadlock, semaphores..)

I was not asked any technical questions. Mainly questions regarding my resume and experience with Unix systems.

The situational based interview was the most difficult portion for me as it was the only structured interview. It requires being able to self analyze and recall situations quickly. Definitely something to prepare for and practice before going for an interview! Situations include classes liking/disliking, working in teams, challenges, successes, failures. Specifics of situations are necessary, including background and outcomes. The descriptions need to be kept thorough, yet succinct, as there is not much time given for this portion of the interview.