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All questions were pretty normal for the intended position. Just that the interviewers were taken aback that I was over qualified and seemed purplexed by the whole thing knowing something wasn't right.

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No matter how much I said I'd still accept the job, they weren't allowing it. They infact said the position was below my skill level. Probably afraid I'd leave if offered something better.

Q: Discuss some of the differences between TCP and UDP networking.

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What I can bring to the table.

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Tell me about a time you did something? etc etc.

The interviewing process went well but I was perplexed at why I never received a call back from the HR representative on whether I got the job or not. I left several voice messages but to date still have not received a call back. Not sure why since I felt really confident that everything went well. In addition I had a referral from a former colleague and respected engineer. And a thumbs up from another engineer who expressed that he wished I had contact him first for the referral. At a minimum I expected a call letting me know the status of the interview. If I totally bombed (which I don't think I did) I would want to know. As this would make me stronger for other interviews. But to not call me back was flat out unprofessional. Especially, after HR had spent a couple of days vetting me over the phone.

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HR questions were fairly basic. The other 3 interviewers asked technical questions and did a pretty good job of explaining how their satellite systems worked. This was very exciting to me as I'm ex-Air Force and have direct hands on experience with navigational systems. They asked me about testing methodologies, planning, and test case creation. They also asked how I defined end-to-end testing. They also wanted to know about my day to day testing activities at my current job. They ask about various test and bug reporting tools. The questions in both the phone and face to face were questions that were in line with a Systems Test Professional. The questions were fair.

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If I give you a pen, describe how you would test it?

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