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The question was very vague. Given an app that does a lot of read how do you improve the performance? I was like, uhmmm there are many ways, so I focused on the blades, turned out that he wanted someone who can break down complex problems, sigh ..........

Draw a map of how a cell phone call works from phone to eNB to MME to the recipient. Do some basic decibel math. -3dB is half power.

None of the questions, in my opinion were difficult, and it was unexpected that I wouldn't be asked more technical questions for such a technical position.

Not overly technical. Mostly basic organizational and behavioral questions

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Give an example of when you had an unexpected problem. How did you approach the problem, what steps did you take to solve the problem, what was the resolution. Describe a time when you went above and beyond expectations. Pretty much behavioral questions.

Explain free space path loss, and it's affects on a cellular network.

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