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Using C++ code, write a linked list insertion method.

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Using C code write a routine to find a 32 bit frame start sequence in a raw byte stream buffer.

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Do you understand that the Information System Security Engineer position is not a hands on technical position but one more of an auditor and that there would be a lot of documentation to support the customer security accreditation requirements?

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lots of questions on networking, Encryption, and Unix/Microsoft Server Systems

The questions were fairly routine and simple. They presented a hypothetical scenario and asked that I describe a high-level architecture that addresses the security and why I chose that architecture.

In my opinion, there were not any very difficult or unexpected questions. Most were very typical. Perhaps since I was a college grad, there were not a lot of work-related scenario questions. The most difficult were probably 'describe how you would overcome some of your professional weaknesses,' 'please describe your thought process when faced with a unknown problem,' or 'how do you react under pressure?'

Using C++ code, write a function to calculate the sum of a vector of integers using N threads in parallel.

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