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given linked list, display in reverse

1 Answer

Q1: Find the common ancestor of two nodes in a binary tree (not binary search tree). Interviewers didn't know the complexity. Q2: Write echo client-server model. It is expected to know the signatures of the apis and the arguments passed in bind, listen, accept. Q3: Implement ringbuffer.

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Say the program you are running has stack overflow. You want to know when and where this happens, but you don't want to use debuggers, because they slow. How would you do this?

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What matters most to you and why?

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Questions about a synchronized static method and the way they change when object calls the method.

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Say you have a switch that needs to keep track of a list of neighboring nodes. What data structure would you use to read and store that information almost as quickly as the switching fabric processes packets? Now, say you need to print them all out on demand. Would you change your answer?

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I don't recall being asked any difficult or unexpected questions. Having done many interviews I answered as honestly and correctly as possible, even if I didn't have answers at the time. I indicated that I am very resourceful and tenacious, and find solutions to problems presented.

In pseudo code please show me how you would start programming Fibonacci sequence...

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