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Talent acquisition Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a position in talent acquisition, be prepared to show off your experience in making good hires and forming cooperative and productive teams. Employers are looking for candidates with clear judgement and confidence in their decisions. No specific educational background is required, but a background in management and communication is highly valued."

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Give an example of a difficult hiring leader that you've dealt with and how you over came this.

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I described working with a team of nurse leaders who previously worked with a nurse recruiter who was a RN, where I am not. I gave examples of overcoming any concerns about my ability to do the job and earning their respect.

Are you able to travel?

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Tell us about Neiman Marcus. Are you familiar with the company?

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Walk me through your resume. They had no structured interview questions and didn't write down responses.

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If you could have any job in the world, and money was not a factor, what would you do? Followed by, so why are you not doing it?

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For the videos: 1. What position(s) are you interested in and why are you qualified for them? I had to repeat all of this to the HR rep during the Prescreen call so I was pretty annoyed 2. What current trends are you seeing in recruiting? 3. What can you do to enhance the candidate experience? 4. Describe the previous "IQ" tests - these 2 IQ tests are POINTLESS and IRRELEVANT 5. What is my philosophy on Project Management

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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why should we hire you for this role

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What does candidate pool mean to you?

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What do you know about Sharpen?

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