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Blue Horizon Tek Solutions
Tek Talent Agent was asked...January 13, 2016

Why, why and why do i want to get into the business

1 Answers

To be able to eat what i kill

Innovative Artists Talent & Literary Agency

What type of agent do you want to be?

1 Answers

Talent Agent. I work with high end models turned actors.

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

I went through interests, notable experiences, and passions.


Name the biggest challenge you overcame in your entire life

1 Answers

Obviously, I didn't tell her my "biggest challenge" in my "entire life," (this is a job interview, not a therapy session or my BFF - I just told her about a big childhood hurdle of mine that wasn't anything too personal) Less

Vitamin T
Talent Agent was asked...February 28, 2015

Would you be willing to give the industry a try by working in the office for a week?

1 Answers

Absolutely not.


How many tattoos do you have?

1 Answers

Zero (0) .

Vitamin T
Talent Agent was asked...September 11, 2015

They provided me a paragraph of information regarding a job. They asked me out of the information provided, what top 3 things were missing/most important to ask for in order to find the right talent.

1 Answers

I said I would need to know the budget for the role, where the position is located and what are the responsibilities of this person. Less


No real difficult or unexpected questions


Nothing out of the ordinary

Outcome Health
Talent Agent was asked...September 30, 2014

How would you approach a prospected CM candidate at a networking event that is not only escorted by their manager but employed at a friend company?

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