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I was asked to code semaphores and implement locks and race conditions. Shared reader-writer model. There is a shared data structure, and multiple processes access it. If there is a reader, another process can read it, but no process can write to it. If there is a writer, no process can read. A reader count needs to be maintained, and only if all the readers are done reading, can any process write to the shared data structure.

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I was able to get close to the solution, but I was told that the code I've written still has race conditions. Wrote reader, writer code and read lock, write lock code. The interviewer did not give out any hints otherwise to get me closer to the solution. Finally, I ran out of time, and a couple weeks after that got a reject.

They really wanted you too apply concepts from your other projects to your other projects which makes you think since you might think those projects are separate.

Q: In the last 12 months, have you set any goals for yourself, and have you completed them?

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What use of SP, trigger What is use of abstract class and interface etc.