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On a scale of 1 to 10, how honest are you?

2 Answers

If you say 10, you're lying.

so did you say 10? did you have the talent plus phone interview? i really would like to know how they evaluate answers and how I should prepare. I have read that if you are too "honest" in your answers (being human about it) you really don't pass this thing. Since its a test of "science" I would really love your input. thanks!

What was your favorite and least favorite class during your studies?

1 Answer

why do you want to work in tax?

1 Answer

What is the greatest level of adversity you have had to overcome in supervising other employees?

1 Answer

Nothing tricky just standard questions

1 Answer

Why Deloitte?

1 Answer

How do you handle pressure and conflicting deadlines?

1 Answer

Salary expectations

1 Answer

Why tax?

1 Answer
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