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Erik took a $5,000 distribution from his ROTH IRA to pay for a vacation to celebrate his 40th birthday. Since he opened the account 10 years ago, he has contributed $28,500. Will he have to pay any taxes on this distribution?

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Shawn paid the following expenses for his first year in college. He will be claimed as a dependent on his parent’s return. How much of his expenses are eligible for calculating the education credit on their tax return?

Yes, he will have to pay taxes and penalties because the reasons he took the fund and the amount he took would not qualify him for tax free or penalty free withdrawals

It depends on what the expenses were that the student paid and which credit the parent is trying to take this will determine who can claim the credit there are stipulations that must be met. in order to provide a definitive answer More details are needed

Jamie is filing as single and has the following expenses for 2018: $9,250 mortgage interest, $10,350 state/local income taxes and real estate taxes, $500 charitable donations, $2,000 unreimbursed employee expenses. How much will Jamie’s federal itemized deductions total?

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How would your background and skill set fit the specific position.

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How would you solve a situation where a customer was agitated on the phone?

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How are you and your skill a good fit for the position.

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I can't log into turbo tax can you assist me?

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I was not prepared to be asked to work nights and weekends. They were only looking to fill shift work. It makes perfect sense that individuals prepare their taxes when they aren't working so call volumes would be highest during nights and weekends, but ads did not provide any indication that they were looking for night and weekend help.

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Technical questions testing ability to research tax questions and prepare responses, which is a simulation of the actual job.

What experience has prepared you for this position.

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