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Tell me about a time that you were confronted with a difficult problem at work and how you solved it.

1 Answer

I talked about looking up information in the manual. It was not a good answer. I'm sure you would do better.

Tell me about a time that you overcame a difficult obsticle at work, what was the obsticle and what did you do to over come it, who else was involved if anyone.

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They had the standard, "give us a scenario when you had to deal with an difficult customer"

They asked about my experience but no technical questions.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Tell us about a problem you have encountered and how you solved it.

General things clearly on my resume

Tell us what interests you about a research-based position.

How comfortable/how do you interpret code based law with common law input when advising a client?

Why is there a gap in your job history?

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