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How do you feel about having to fire someone?

1 Answer

It's a business. Business needs are more important than personal relationships. Its me or you and i would have to choose you.

1. Write a code that will take in a string and count the number of characters in the string. 2. Write a code that takes in two different arrays, compares them and ouputs whatever is not common in the 2 arrays.

2 Answers

Explain a time that you were in charge of putting on an event and there was a major problem in getting it across the finish line. How did you handle this problem and how did you use your team to make it easier?

Find the first occurrence of the intersection of two sets.

1 Answer

The questions were standard behavioral interview questions. No curveballs.

Describe a time where you disagreed with a peer or with someone in authority. How did you handle the situation?

Name a time you faced adversity in a situation? How do you handle it.

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