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Teach for America Interview Questions

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How would you deal with a difficult student who is under-preforming?

1 Answer

I told a story about how I used to teach ESL abroad. On the first day of one of my new classes, a mom came to my office and told me she didn't think her son was smart enough to be in that room, and she didn't want him to feel embarrassed when he compared himself to the other kids. I told her he wouldn't have to worry about that, and stayed a half hour extra three times a week to make sure he caught up. By the end of the semester, he passed with the third-highest grade in the class. Honestly, just tell them a story that demonstrates your patience and willingness to spend extra time on a sensitive problem and you'll probably be saying what they want to hear.

Why would you quit TFA?

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Most Unexpected: Why did you drop a specific course in college?

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Why did you choose Teach For America, and not some other teaching program?

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What do you fear the most about teaching?

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What would you do if... You were teaching and you ran into a conflict with administrators, co-worker regarding testing, and your wanting to teach outside of what waas expected of you.

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How have you handled stressful situations in the past?

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What has been your greatest accomplishment in your class so far?

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The interviewers create a scenario and the interviewee is expected to take on the role of a teacher who is bargaining with his/her principal for classroom materials.

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Lesson preparation. I had never officially taught younger students before in an academic setting.

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