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How do you think Amazon may have come up with the $80 fee for the Amazon Prime membership program? - this is a classic pricing question.

2 Answers

This is a classic pricing question. Remember customer-centric approach - willingness to pay etc.

this is mostly an expected value question. you expect, from historic data, a certain subset of people to make so many purchases from amazon. with expedited shipping, it makes sense that those people would increase their spend through amazon for secondary items such as gifts for friends/family that need to be shipped. the $80 should at least cover the expense of shipping costs, but the increase in demand and sales from that increase should even further outweigh the cost of shipping for amazon. there is also another special subset of people that may not realize their entire $80 cost to amazon, and any difference is strictly profit.

why do you want to study this area

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How would you teach the class today?

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do you really want a phd

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How can you manage when a student is annoying by making comments or asking permission to leave the class.

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What labs would I be most comfortable teaching.

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how many days does it take to build a china wall?

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There were no actual questions that were asked

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