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"What keeps you in this profession?"

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"I truly seek the accomplishments each child reaches at the end of the school year."

What is your philosophy of teaching? Why do you think you would be a good fit for our school? What are two of your greatest strengths? What would you say is your biggest weakness? A student refuses to complete his work in class. How would you handle the situation? A parent confronts you about his child's grades at the beginning of your conference period. How would you handle the situation? If we to walk into your classroom during Language Arts, Math or Science, what would we see? How do you incorporate technology into your lessons? Your classes will have a variety of ability levels. How will you meet the needs of each student?

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One question was about my educational philosophy and which professional journals I read and professional organizations I had joined. Another question was to describe the first ten minutes and last ten minutes of my class. Another question involved working with colleagues and the importance of collaboration. Going along with this - I was asked what strategies I would use if I did not get along with a colleague.

They asked me a lot of questions about one particular part of my resume.

Why should we hire you? What is an example of your "good teaching"?

They asked me to describe a specific lesson with an appropriate learning objective. This question required an in depth answer that showed how I would engaged students at all different levels.

Questions on your education background and experience are most often asked. KIPP's biggest questions revolve around you being on board with their ideals, methods as well as operations. Go to their website and read everything about them that you can. If you disagree with their core ideas on student achievement/school hours/work-life balance/etc. openly there is very little chance of being hired. This organization thrives off people being "yes men" and doesn't want to hire anyone to rock the boat. You are either on board and willing to work or you will be shown the door (hence 1 year contracts to all that can be cut at ANY time for ANY reason at all).

Make sure you review the rubric for dealing with parents

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