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Team Advisor Interview Questions


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What is your leadership style?

1 Answer

I have a heart to serve others. I believe in leading by example, showing others that leadership is often sacrifice and selfless behavior. You’re there to help, not be the star of the show all the time

Give me an example of a time when you encouraged a coworker to step outside their comfort zone.

2 Answers

You've had some leadership experience with leading a couple people but in this position, you will be leading 30-50 people. How will you adjust to this change?

2 Answers

What are you strengths and how have you demonstrated them in previous jobs?

Standard corporate STAR interview questions.

1 Answer

Explain a time when I had to adapt to a new situation or environment? Explain a time when I was in a conflict and how I handled it? Explain a time when I had to coach someone/ coach someone that didn't take the news very well?

Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

1 Answer

Do you have connections within the community that would benefit the team in acquiring new business?

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