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What would you do if management asks you to approve a release with critical defects?

1 Answer

Decline to release and ask if I can have time to fix the defects

How can you specify a client or member server to communicate with a specific DC upon startup?

2 Answers

three missionaries and three cannibals must cross a river using a boat which can carry at most two people, under the constraint that, for both banks, if there are missionaries present on the bank, they cannot be outnumbered by cannibals (if they were, the cannibals would eat the missionaries.) The boat cannot cross the river by itself with no people on board. Move all missionaries and cannibals from one river bank to the other.

3 Answers

Background information mostly.

1 Answer

Describe in detail the SOA pattern

1 Answer

How to sell an "equity option" if there are no long positions of the underlyer or the option itself ?

1 Answer

Mostly behavioural questions, very straight forward. But be prepared because if you take time to think its not a good sign.

1 Answer

What kind of food do you like most?

1 Answer

No really difficult or unexpected questions, but the first question from each of the interviewers was, "What is the most significant thing you have done as a leader?"

1 Answer

Have they mentioned salary to you yet, as they like to low ball people?

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