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How do you coach? How do you motivate? How do you manage your time? How do you deal with ambiguity? How do you coach a low performer? How do you handle an agent that is not receptive to feedback? How do you manage your time? Tell me about a time you had to coach an agent that did not improve from coaching.

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Hello. When asked about salary expectations, did you provide a number to them? If so, did they go higher than the number requested? what do you think helped in them giving you more? I have my first interview tomorrow for the same position. Thanks!

Yea I asked for a certain amount and they gave more. I believe they pay based on the type market you live in. They pay higher than any company I've work for.

It might not be a problem to give a range either

How to deal with advisors who continually ask the same policy questions over and over again

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Mainly about my experience in claims and how it tied to the position I applied for.

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Why would you like to work for Amazon

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Tell me a time when you had to have a critical conversation with an employee who was not performing well?

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How would you manage people in a virtual environment?

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Why do you you think your the best candidate for the job?

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Tell me how you would handle a situation with a customer unhappy with an Agents service

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Have you played any sports?

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Tell me step by step what your process is when thinking of purchasing a high-dollar item?

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