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What do you least like about retail?

2 Answers

Cold calling customers at dinner time.

Unset scheduling, working nights & weekends

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years.

1 Answer

If you were blessed with one supernatural ability which power would you choose?

1 Answer

All retail enviroments are interested in your character to a canadate my come across this question. " please discribe a time when you were a responsible for a task what was challenging about the task how did you efficiently accomplish the task.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time that you have gone the extra mile to provide great service to your customer.

Describe one time that you had to be a leader

Tell me about a situation in which you were able to create a win-win solution for you and a customer? Describe the interaction and how you handled it.

what was your worst customer reaction, how did you handle it, what are you faults

There WILL be a scenario question like.. "The store opens at 7am and everything has been baked and put out for the day to begin, you receive an order for 30 breads and 45 muffins by tomorrow morning. How would you handle this?

1 Answer

How much experience working from home do you have?

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