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What kind of projects did your do at your old job?

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Well, I worked with excel numerous times and actually created a spreadsheet combining their timesheets and accounting into one for more effieciency.

Have you had to deal with a member of your team not working as per expectation?

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What would you consider your greatest flaw?

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How would you arrange a bunch of shoes by size and color in a department store?

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How do you make an instance of an abstract class?

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The most difficult was when he asked me if there was any part of my school projects that really tripped me up. When I confessed of a problem I had he asked me to explain what the problem was and then the solution and what I did to fix it. He expected that I learned everything about the problem in order to overcome it.

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(Hypothetical phone call) Hello my computer is locked.

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What do you know about UOP? Why do you want to join UOP? Give a moment where you had to work in a group? Other typical interview questions...

What are your technical responsibilities in your current position?

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