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Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
Surgical Tech was asked...June 19, 2015

She asked how I dealt with people from other cultures or who shared different values/views than I did.

1 Answers

When I was a student in Nursing School, there was a homeless man who was coming down from his high and very agitated. Our instructor asked me to give him a bath. He was disgustingly dirty, mean, and I did not want to do this. I ended up cleaning him with a a bed bath. It took me almost three hours, all the while he cursed at me, screamed I was hurting him and called me names. When I got to his upper thigh, I saw a tattoo of a swastika the size of his leg. I was frozen. I closed my eyes for a second to regroup. This man was homeless, a drug addict, ignorant, and had nothing in this world. He needed ME to care for him. It was a profound learning experience for me. I knew he needed to be cared for and I was the one to do it. Less

Rady Children's Hospital

Please give a description of an abdominal appendectomy

1 Answers

I described the procedure from start to finish, including suture and potential dressing that would be used. Less


SQL basic queries. Linux basics.

212 Answers

Even my joining is today on 3rd august and even i didnt get any mail regarding reporting lets wait give your insta or fb id so that I can give you any updates Less

How long does it take for the feedback after Second F2F Interview ?

No idea. I had my interview on 24th July and still haven't heard back from them

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Crothall Healthcare

Why would you want to work here?

62 Answers

I need a career, and I can offer alot hard work to your team.

I need to start my furture and i will be a great fit for your team. I also have good skills that i required Less

I want to work their because i always wanted to work n a health care facility and i love to be around people and i also love to clean Less

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All questions are english language based

14 Answers

Yes we do


Hi, Thanks for the info. May I please know if this is a technical or non technical position ? Less

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S&P Global
Tech QA was asked...September 17, 2012

I was confused between Load and Stress Testing....and one particular Test Case I interpreted wrongly

12 Answers

hey buddy can you please contact me at

hey..can someone plz help me out with some expected questions/word puzzles in d 4rth round? i have my interview tomorrow.. My id is Less

performance testing is a subset of performance engineering, which is focused on addressing performance issues in the design and architecture of a software product.stress testing evaluates the behavior of an application beyond peak load and normal conditions. Less

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Alliance Global Tech
Tech Lead was asked...September 3, 2021

What you can put on the table?

8 Answers

am an excellent listener, which allows me to show concern and empathy for clients. have proven a strong ability to articulate a clear message, which is helpful in trying to help students understand challenging topics. I am highly organized, which helps me keep neat files and manage time well, which is important in a job where people count on you to coordinate many activities in a busy office. Less

Responsibility and all my legal experience.

Responsibility and all my legal experience.

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Sql query based on 2 tables.

7 Answers

within 10 days after written test you will get face to face interviews

Wt about the second round

What did the ask in face to face round?

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Guardian Services

Tell me about yourself.

6 Answers

I’m a hard worker and fast learning

I am a tim player and organiser

Be at work on time

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Service Tech was asked...February 17, 2014

None. Speak from the heart and no question is difficult.

5 Answers

Answer or comment...

Ecolab service are hard working guys. It the company that does not care about it worker. The proof is in the employees home life and have lost there family's. With a good economy Ecolab would lose employee. This massage most have been written by fat cat manager. Less

Wow. Whoever this is I can tell you that the comments you just made are in violation of our code of conduct and an embarrassment to Ecolab. Your enthusiasm is appreciated and you're right that hard work and being proactive usually sets you up for growth. Ecolab has been great to me and my family despite the politics and backstabbing (which sadly are a part of any large company). To the former employee who gave a bad review. The problem is not that the company doesn't care. The company is made up of thousands of people in thousands of locations and some locations have it great while some struggle. It doesn't have feelings so in a way you are correct but that's true for all of the big guys. The organization is so large that the roof no longer sees the foundation. Communication is difficult with so many departments and divisions. If you work for great people on the ground level you love your job. Your experience is unfortunate but not typical. Less

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