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Technical Architect Interview Questions

Technical architects are responsible for the high level design of an IT project and directing the implementation of it for clients. Interview questions will focus on technical knowledge and skill as well as your ability to design large and complex systems. Employers want to see creative thinking and lots of previous IT experience.

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Basic questions about my experience and how I would handle certain situations.

The interview was more of a conversation, and nothing was difficult because I was presenting work that I am intimately familiar with. The best was at the end when I asked "will there be a programming question", (I don't feel those are appropriate for somebody who has been making a living doing this for multiple decades), and Alex asked "can you program?". A sense of humor too.

Go over your background and explain what you did in certain scenarios

The questions are very vague: Tell me about yourself What are the architecture-related activities you do? Can you replace a Java service with WCF? The interviewer was not waiting for any complete answer and was jumping into next question even before you could answer completely.

What if the one DB instance fail-how you can do High availability, fault tolerance and fail over in this case?

If you had to select a song to introduce yourself to your team and get them jazzed up, what would it be?

You have a Stack-how you can convert into a que

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