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Nothing really all that hard. I signed an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) so I can not give specifics. I was well prepared and I also contacted the team member who I had a phone interview with, and asked if they could point me to some good resources to help prep for the interview and they gave me some very good ones which helped a lot.

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1. There is a massive attrition and a really high turn over rate. the longest tenured person I meet on the team had been there 2 years...out of a team of 50. (The lead developer I met with, had been there almost ten years but he was not on the team I was interviewing with.) 2. Great growth at AWS but massively under staffed which means they are not looking to do the "Sexy Stuff" just the good enough or sufficient stuff. This was said to me by many people. 3. Amazon's compensation is below par, especially given the work load. 4. Amazon's benefits are really sub-standard for the industry. 5. AWS is the biggest in the field but other companies are having much better growth and conversion rates so how long are they going to be the biggest? 6. While many people I met with are nice and would make adequate colleagues, some would be terrible. ( and most would not be there in a year or two given the turn over) 7. Amazon I found lacks the grown up nature and culture that is found at other companies like Microsoft which I have experience with and other tech 30 companies. 8. I also found a lack of cohesion that permeates Amazon. I heard from all of my interviewers that communication is appalling at Amazon in response to my question what are some of your biggest challenges. 9. AWS is a really cool product and service, but there is now massive competition in this space and again others are doing better in terms of growth and conversion rates so the future is unclear. Why I declined: 1, No manager, so I do not know who I will be working for or even if they would be a good manager. 2. the offer was 30 % lower with terrible benefits then what Microsoft offered with a much better professional environment and culture. 3. The last interviewer really turned me off.

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