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Creative Circle
Graphic Designer was asked...October 21, 2015

Tell me about your favorite project.

3 Answers

Where my computer crashed and I recreated all my projects with a new eye for design. Sometimes it’s about revamping instead of recollecting and my new project was better than the project that was lost. I am a creator and I want to always create🥰 Less

This is a common question so prepare thoroughly. Run through your creative process, iterations, and outcome of the project. Less

I ran into my portfolio and talked about that project/process.

Freelancers Union

How would you redesign the web site?

2 Answers


I spent 30+ minutes walking through solutions to existing issues and offered input on page layouts, branding and information architecture. Less


Your work is very masculine, how will you work to accommodate our style which is typically more feminine?

2 Answers

Wow, that is an illegal question! Please don't answer this.

As a designer my style works to match the projects needs. Additionally, my interest in this position is partially based on the opportunity to expand my experience and show that I can work in other styles. Less


How do you form positive relationships with developers and/or stakeholders?

1 Answers

Be on their side. Show them that rather than being interference in a relationship, that you can serve as an interlocutor. Bring evidence. Less


Design an interface for a rail station ticket booth

1 Answers

There are a number of constraints you should make sure you understand before diving in. Really more an assessment of your thought process than the final design. Less


Say there was a function that took 1 second to execute and you needed to run this function 10 million times, how would you cut down on the execution time?

1 Answers

Build a system that would run the functions concurrently.


Who determines user standards, you, the company, someone else?

1 Answers

Usability standards are not established by a person or place, but it is what is adopted by the user community at large. It is difficult to change or establish new standards, but it is more important for usability to follow standards that are studied and identified by usability experts, such as Jakob Nielsen or Steve Krug. Less


The collaborative task included choosing an existing digital product with a 'freemium' subscription model similar to Spotify and thought-storming ideas/solving issues around it.

1 Answers

I initially worked collaboratively with a panel of designers and developers to talk about the problem and capture thoughts. I was then left to my own devices for an hour to present some ideas/solutions, which I presented back to the panel. Less


My exercise was to redesign the Netflix homepage for desktop. The Global VP of Design at Spotify happens to be Rochelle King, formerly of Netflix. I thought that was clever.

1 Answers

I asked questions about available user data and what problems we were trying to solve with the redesign. I proposed solutions and an additional recommendation to remove the horizontal scrolling rows. (Users expect vertical scrolling on the web, and using both vertical and horizontal scrolling requires users to move their viewport in two dimensions, which is difficult with a trackpad device or smaller viewport.) Less


How do you deal with a group of twelve or more people who all have a different opinion about what looks good and what doesn't

1 Answers

One must establish what 'look and feel' works best for the end user, or target market. The purpose is to strengthen the brand, not necessarily try to design something that everyone is going to like. That's impossible to accomplish, it's just too subjective. It is better to instill better usability as a standard and use colors and graphics that are compelling but are not overstated. Always think of the old saying "form follow function." Less

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