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Technical Interview Questions

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13 cubed

6 Answers

Suppose you have two covariance matrices A and B. Is AB also a covariance matrix? Suppose that, by plain dumb luck, we also have that AB=BA. Is AB a covariance matrix under this additional condition?

10 Answers

You are standing beside a road watching cars pass by. The probability that you see a car pass by in 1 minute is 1/4. What is the probability that you see a car pass by in 30 seconds?

8 Answers

What are the first 2 integers that, when added together, equal 10 in a "very large" array of unsigned integers?

6 Answers

Given a series of words written using a scrambled alphabet, figure out what order the letters of the alphabet are in.

7 Answers

What is the output? int n = 1; puts(((char*)&n)[0]==1?"Y":"N");

6 Answers

Given a stream of integers of unknown (possibly large) length, how would you pick one at random? Now prove its random.

6 Answers

25 racehorses, no stopwatch. 5 tracks. Figure out the top three fastest horses in the fewest number of races.

9 Answers

Asked to implement a function that takes an integer and returns whether or not the number had an odd or even number of 1 bits.

6 Answers

Write a program that given 4 coin denominations and a dollar amount finds the best way to express that amount using the coins given. I.e. you have coins with denominations of 1c, 7c, 13c,19c and you have to express $2.12 with the least number of coins. There is always a 1c coin but the other 3 are arbitrary.

6 Answers
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