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How you inherit the properties of two classes (not interfaces) in a child Java class. Where as those two parent classes are not related and not of any inheritance relationship between them.

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My answer is, unlike other OO languages like C++ multiple inheritance is not possible in Java, and interfaces can be used to achieve this with specific implementation. The interviewer is not convinced with this.

The answer is composition inheritance. It's not as convenient as implementation inheritance (extends keyword) but creating an instance of the parent object and making the child manage/expose necessary members. Probably be a good idea to create an interface to keep things.

You would be using the Adapter Design Pattern.

How much do you make?

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Questions related to current/previous work. Networking, packet traversal through the networking stack, socket programming and packet flow through the sockets to the network card, multi-threading, C programs - get 100 random numbers in minimum complexity, programs related to hash list, stack and queues, design of data structure for big database.

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What ideas do you have for how we might tackle the problem of data integrity for our 5 million plus data points for restaurants and clubs.

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Lot of questions were around my previous experience

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What have I been working on in relation to the duties of this position

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Perhaps the favorite question asked of me was, "how would you test this coffee cup?".

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What programming methodologies do you know?

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what is Sington? How you will implement it? Current project and last project , Security in and Linq

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Give example of how to deal with unruly coworkers..

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