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At what point would you resort to terminating a employee?

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I do not believe any employee cannot be trained to do their job effectively. Once all possible steps have been taken and they are detrimental to the team and position and no longer interested in assisting in improvement, only then considertermination

Why do you want to work at Apple? What do you bring to the team that is unique? Are you OK with travel (50% was in the JD, they made it sound like more). They asked a couple of other brain teaser questions that were fun. I was in the ballpark with the answer, so they walked me to home plate.

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Enter a question you were asked.

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No technical questions. Team management, team motivation, decision making, etc.

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It was a brain teaser. You have 100 bottles of is poisoned you have infinite amount of rats to test on....etc

1) You purchased a hammer and nail at Home Depot for $1.10. If the price difference is $1.00, how much did each item cost? 2) Looking at a standard clock, what is size of the angle made by the minute and hour hands at 6:30?

I can see being rejected for not having the management experience (per my CV), as the job mostly entailed compliance with numerous OSHA, AAMI, MEDICARE, codes and standards. It was a Technical Services manager job rolled into a Facilities Operations Manager job (two jobs in one). I was rejected for the part of the job I knew best, which was the function of techs in the field and dialysis equipment repair. The director had not even read my CV (or read it correctly) till an hour before the interview. I could have had the interview, but turned it down as he had already rejected me for the stupidest of reasons.

Client repeatedly changed the position during the interview process and recruiters even had mentioned that they had changed it before with previous candidates, that the position had changed. This same "recruiter" then called me a jerk when I asked about it, complained that I gave attitude to his recruiting assistant who was just months prior a snowboarding instructor. Yet I was still being pursued as a candidate...until I withdrew because the "recruiter" called me a jerk because I asked about the change and when they lied and tried to badger me into submission by claiming I misunderstood. Questionable ethics and critical thinking ability with these people in my opinion. That's when the brow beating by this "recruiter" began with name calling and forcefully claiming that I misunderstood and the client is not changing anything. Kind of reminds me of "Business Careers", the now defunct recruiting agency. Just my opinion.

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Technical questions where one lacks experience and/or situational questions not encountered before

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