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What experience with networking do you have?

4 Answers

Could you please let me know how was the skills test? Do you remember the questions? How can I prepare myself for this test? Thanks

Basically a troubleshooting and general computer system knowledge. Things you should know... Types of RAID and their functions ( Troubleshooting Video Card problems Troubleshooting Monitors Troubleshooting Motherboards Troubleshooting Windows XP, Vista, and 7 Home, Professional Troubleshooting Laptop Monitors/LCDs Time Management .... The rest is just call center type stuff

Company was purchased out.... Now belongs to.... RAID.EDU is now

I got one question that was very unexpected: What is the definition of a circle? Seriously.

2 Answers

Do you prefer working as an individual or a team?

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What do you like about sales?

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If you could be any animal you want, what animal would you be?

1 Answer

Write a class that returns a list of n, non-repeating, random lottery numbers with values between x and y

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Why is a manhole cover round?

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Write a function that reverses an integer number without converting to strings or characters

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You have a room with 3 light bulbs in it, the switches are outside the room, you start outside the room, you can only go in the room once, how do you know which switches are for which bulbs?

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I can't remember the specifics of the third, but it had to do with creating a human-readable XML stylesheet that would be used in conjunction with XPath in some way

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