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Technical recruiter Interview Questions

"Technical recruiting is a demanding sector of recruiting that requires an understanding of what software engineers do and how the tech industry works. In an interview, expect to discuss your knowledge of the technology field for which you are applying as well as answer typical recruiting questions about organizational and time management skills. Because employees in this role need a more advanced skill set than general recruiters, companies often look for candidates with at least 1-3 years of prior recruiting experience."

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How do you feel about cold-calling?

1 Answer

I don't mind. I'm outgoing and it transfers well over the phone in my voice and energy. I like helping people solve problems and as a recruiter I believe I can convey that well over the phone.

How would you handle bringing in new business?

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How would you deal with a difficult hiring manager during a consultative discussion?

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Do you have any issues with cold calling?

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How much experience and education do you have in the IT field?

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What are some sources for identifying/building a talent pool?

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What are the three attributes you believe a successful technical recruiter should have?

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What qualities/skills do you obtain that would be applicable to a recruiting role, in terms of the specific day-to-day roles and functions of the position?

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In order to recruit IT personnel, we expect you to be up to date on languages and operating systems. Tell us about your experience.

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Describe the innovative tools you will bring to this department if you are selected.

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