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If you had multiple offers, what would you base your decision on?

Nothing challenging but you'll need to answer how you would handle internal and external clients.

They did not ask any difficult question on the phone interview.

What was a time when you succeeded when you were faced with an adverse troubleshooting situation?

These company is great and they do what they want and how the ask, technical skill in depth, but not complicated.

You promise a customer Epic can do some functionality they want and you'll deliver it to them with their next update. As the date promised approaches, you discover it will actually take custom code to implement this functionality. You have concerns about meeting the deadline. What do you tell the customer?

You get to work and have a voicemail from a customer, an email from a coworker about how to do something (you have showed them multiple times), and a deadline later that day for some work you promised another customer. In what order do you address these?

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