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What is your salary requirement?

4 Answers

You tell me? If you hire by salary, we probably shouldn't talk.

Why are you posting a review for a position you applied for 3 years ago?

Because anyone thinking about applying to this company should know how it the bottom line, not on skill.

What’s is a time you went above and be young for your customer

3 Answers

If a VP calls you and says, "I can't access an important file I need for a meeting I'm conducting in 10 minutes. It's on my I drive but there's a red X on it and I can't access it. My admin says she can, but it's not working for me." What would you do to resolve the issue?

3 Answers

How many words can you type per minute? Please provide a typing test proof.

2 Answers

What is something you are passionate about?

2 Answers

"What is sysprep, and how is it used in an everyday computer enviornment?"

2 Answers

"You have a string of numbers, and you would like to return every even number within the set" A: to iterate thru the string, and modulus each number by 2, if it returns 0, the number is even and thus should be added to a list/array and output at the end"

2 Answers

How much experience do you have in call-center tech support?

2 Answers

What does a 192.x.x.x Ip address mean?

2 Answers

How well do you handle stressful situations?

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