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Technical Support Engineer III Interview Questions


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general questions regarding past IT experience

1 Answer

general answeres regarding past IT experience

How do you make a drive mount persist through reboot in Red Hat Linux?

1 Answer

If its on your resume, its fair game... Technical interviewers will ask many questions and see depth/breadth of knowledge as well as how you handle multiple issues at once... Complex technical questions will be asked and while you're working out the answer, they'll ask unrelated questions to see how you multi-task

Tell me about yourself. It's 4 years ago and I don't remember exactly what other questions they asked. I remember HR interview was mostly behavioral.

What is DNS?

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No question seemed excessively difficult or unexpected.

Tell me how you resolved a complex problem.

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Background, why do I want to work at canary, what I know about the company

What are the differences in RAID technology? How does deduplication work?

Can you describe RTSP client server negotiation. Tell me about HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and how it handles Multi Bitrate (MBR) content.

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