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Brigham and Women's Hospital
Technical Research Assistant II was asked...February 24, 2014

Some of the tasks you'll be required to perform are routine and monotonous. How will you deal with such routine tasks?

2 Answers

Good answer!

Mastering routine work allows me to complete tasks effectively in a high throughput manner. Hopefully, this will afford me with free time to learn and master more challenging techniques and better assist the team. Less

Kearney & Company

Name the 4 most important financial statements and their uses.

1 Answers

Balance Sheet-data about available resources as well as the claims to those resources Income Statement-data about the profitability of the company detailing sources of revenue and the expenses which reduce profit Cash Flows- illustrates the inflow and outflow of cash within the business. It shows where the cash comes from into the company, and how it’s used Statement of Retains Earnings-focuses on changes in retained earnings Less


How would you respond to a customer who encountered a problem with a product or service.

1 Answers

First, try and reproduce the problem and if the problem could be reproduced acknowledge there was an issue, give thanks for bringing this to the company's attention, and apologize for the customer's encounter with the issue. Offer possible solutions or workarounds while the team worked to correct the issue. Less

CSU Stanislaus

How do you deal with conflict?

1 Answers

Depending on the type of conflict, I try to find the source of the issue and understand where both sides are coming from. Ultimately, it is about finding a balance to appease the issue by communicating and compromising. Maybe include a situation where you successfully resolved a conflict. Less


a question I remember was "With this tough economy how ccan you be successful"

1 Answers

I answered, "In a tough economy people are looking for better solutions and I can sell them" Less


How many people flew out of Chicago last year?

63 Answers

Actually the answer is zero. Plans fly, people don't.

Roughly as many who flew into Chicago.

oops - typo - Planes fly, people don't

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Determine whether the binary representation of a number if a palindrome or not, code it on a white board.

12 Answers

This was the first question I was asked and is considered a warm up.

anon.. would this work for a number like 17 (10001)?

bool checkPalindrome(unsigned int n) { int m = n, k =0; bool ret = false; while(m!=0) { int i = 1; i = i & m; k = k > 1; } if((k^n)==0) { cout<<"Palindrome"< Less

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Wellstar Health System

Why do you feel your a great candidate for the position?

9 Answers

I have many years experience in the culinary world and for the things I don't know I learn quickly! Less

I want to be able to cook healthy food

I'm looking to have longevity in your Company

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Given an large list of unsorted numbers, find the smallest number. You can access the list only 3 numbers at a time, and keep moving forward 1 number at a time.

6 Answers

Otherwise called the sliding window problem

You can access the list only 3 numbers at a time: It tells we can read three numbers one after other in N/3 Iterations. So Time complexity will be O(N/3) Less

This is sliding window problem and priority queue DS can be used to solve this.

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Netstar IT

Why aren't you interested in the role?

6 Answers

"We did not choose to hire the applicant due to the fact that some from more challenging, especially Urban cultures are not the most productive workers." That's actually racist as hell!!! I'm disappointed in you B.W. - that's if you are the same B.W I knew SHAME ON YOU... But I guess that doesn't surprise me considering that place a shambles lead by a dictator who rips off their clients and treats their staff like slaves & is more concerned about looking the part than actually investing in their staff. I'm beyond angry at your comment and i say again - SHAME ON YOU Less

I had a 2nd interview with Netstar yesterday and I have to say it was the most uncomfortable experience I have had in my professional career to date. The Ops Manager and People and Culture Manager couldn't have been nicer. Shame the same cannot be said for the SDM.... his style of interviewing appears to be one of intimidation and constantly trying to assert his authority by giving negative scenarios and putting people in a corner to see how they react. Very much gave me the impression that it is either done his way or there is the door. Actually found him to be rather intimidating, almost to the point of bullying. When answering his questions the feed back from my answers was 'hmmm ok'. To pretty much all of them. There was no actual engagement around my answers from him. And the scenarios got more and more negative and, frankly ridiculous the more further through the interview I got. I would suggest that the SDM needs to work on his interview techniques, and move away from the alpha male approach and actually engage with candidates. Less

Family commitments, looking to continue in '2nd line' which is traditionally break/fix, not '1st line' which is helpdesk. The two cannot be done together Less

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