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Technical Support Representative/Customer Service Interview Questions


Technical support representative/customer service interview questions shared by candidates

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Basic character type questions not scripted or predictable. With a skills test at the end on SQL

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Honestly and as best as I could. Very good people that treated me very well and made me feel welcomed as well as wanted. They do care about their company, their customers, and those they are bring on board as they are a growing business.

give an example of a situation at your last job where you had to deal with an upset cm? what did you do to calm them?

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interview was very simple and straightforward, why do you feel you are qualified for this position and what experience do you have?

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No surprisingly difficult interview questions were asked. However, the most unexpected question was 'how do you remove applications from your computer? what steps do you use?'. It seemed like such a rudimentary process that I was surprised by the question.

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Imagine if you had a television that is not working. Tell me the steps that you took to fix it.

What was your GPA in classes during college?

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"Can you describe a time when you needed to go above and beyond for a customer?"

What your previous work experience working in a call center?

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