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If a VP calls you and says, "I can't access an important file I need for a meeting I'm conducting in 10 minutes. It's on my I drive but there's a red X on it and I can't access it. My admin says she can, but it's not working for me." What would you do to resolve the issue?

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Have the admin send him/her the file needed. Wasting time trying to troubleshoot an inaccessible network drive will make the VP late for the meeting.

Another good question: Are you responsible for maintaining this VP's access & permissions because if so, you just passed the buck in the worst way! If you are responsible for assisting this person in retrieving the access to thier files than your answer better not be "get a copy from your admin assistant"!!.. also consider the security protocol of the company involved. Is this a matter that should be handled without proper verification and security protocol first as you don't want to prescribe access to restricted files if this was a "Fishing Call"

Right click the drive and select connect

Describe a a time where you had to work with a difficult customer.

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What your supervisor name where you work? Name the OSI model Do you know broadsoft

A lot of questions regarding how you handled difficult situations.

I had to give an example from experience as to how I helped a customer, either internal or external, with a problem that needed to be solved.