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Before you enter the room for your personal interview, the selector gives everyone a card with feedback on their lesson and you need to redo the first minute of your demo lesson while implementing that feedback.

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I redid my lesson with tweaks to adjust for the feedback and then my selector gave me more feedback and asked me to do the lesson again. I redid the first minute 2 or 3 times. Be very open to the feedback and don't take redoing your lesson as a negative sign! Later in the interview I was asked how I felt about the feedback and I think it is more about being open and receptive than anything else.

Why Cablevision?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

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none i can think of. The manager was very clear about his expectations.

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They use to do testing. However now if you are breathing they hire you because the pay is now $11 per hour.

Why do you want to work in support? There weren't questions so much as they described the role then said, "what do you think, do you want to do that?"

Why Zoom ? How did you hear about Zoom ? Why do you think you are good for this position ? Tell me about a situation where you had to deal with an angry customer or user ? What interests you most about this job? Some networking questions ? Future Goals ? Tell me about your background and how this position directly applies to your experience ? Personality questions ?

What are POP and IMAP and what is the difference?

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How to handle a customer that continues to test your technical knowledge

About the previous technical support experience?

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