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Technical Writer II Interview Questions


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If you are looking to improve your knowledge base on a technical system you are responsible for writing on, where would you go?

1 Answer

Ask the engineers. Failing that, crack open a technical publication and read it.

What is your process for creating new documentation?

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Would you take on additional duties in a different area to round out your weekly hours on an as-needed basis?

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1. What types of content have you created? 2. How do you determine your audience? 3. How do you get customer data?

She pointed to a stack of information and asked if I could put in online, in a user's guide, to which I said yes. HIRED!

Tell us about a time where you had a conflict with another individual, how did you resolve it?

Tell me about a time you had failed at something and what did you learn?

Tell us a bit of your background and how did you get started in technical writing?

It was a question about experiencing a problem and how I handled it; I don't remember the wording. It's a fairly common question, I was just nervous and in that moment I went blank.

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