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IDEXX Laboratories
Medical Laboratory Technician I was asked...February 2, 2015

I was asked the basic process of O&P sample from start to finish.

2 Answers

How you proceed depends on the accepted procedure in the lab. One accepted procedure is as follows: fecal specimen should be placed in 10% formalin to preserve morphology; to concentrate use formalin ethyl acetate sedimentation or zinc sulfate flotation. The specimen is then stained with iodine and examined under a microscope. Less

Process sample, build sample, mix samples, centrifuge sample for 5 mins on 1500 rpm, float sample for 10 mins, read sample then release. Less


What are 5 things that motivate you about coming to work?

6 Answers

Making the best of a new day, Striving for quality, Safety and environmental science. Less

Safe environment

Taking on new challenges

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Waste Management

How many years experience do you have welding?

3 Answers

30 + yrs

3 yrs

3 yrs


What's the underlying technology/development that permits multi-core processors to exist?

3 Answers

The space-time continuam, obviously.

Still not really clear what was being asked (this one came from the head of Ops), and still don't know the answer. Less

per "A combination of increased available space (due to refined manufacturing processes) and the demand for increased TLP led to the development of multi-core CPUs." Less


Lots of grilling on individual port numbers and the OSI model. Does anybody remember that stuff by heart without having to consult a reference? Anyone? Bueller?

2 Answers

I'm sorry but you should have prepared for your interview. And yes I remember the OSI model and the ports, any valid technician should. What did you think?, you were going to walk in there and they were going to give you a 50K job? Should have studied. Less

I remember every single port and TCP/IP features and also osi, I wish all my interviews were so easy.... you should have prepped sorry Less


Would you rather five 8 hour days or four 10 hour days?

2 Answers

This question is really just to see your availability and if you're picky about your schedule. I would say pick whichever you want but clarify that it doesn't really matter. Less

I love to work and finish even with a bit of pressure, so 10 hrs, 4 days will be fine, but nonetheless even an 8 hrs 5 days schedule will also be fine with me. Less


Would you be confident in stopping the production line if you found the product quality did not meet standards?

2 Answers

If it is in between proof box and oven.but after oven 50% chance.then if you find after wrapping, you have to put on hold for higher authorities. Less

Yes, I would be confident doing it

Charles River Laboratories

How do you cope to stressful day

2 Answers

I do a lot of praying,listening to music, and talking to my friends and family members. Less

Playing with dog is my hobby


Although the interview was relaxed, the Team Leads are listening very carefully to assess your lab skills, your work ethic, and lastly, your people skills. Come prepared. BASF is one of the few plants that is willing to train graduate chemists, so you have to demonstrate , through your senior project or military certifications, that you know your stuff. Some PhDs have applied, but were not hired, because they had no people skills (ie. their University didn't make them work with students in a lab vs a lecture class). There are the rare PhDs who are hired who are supposed to learn Process Chemistry, but they end up being solo guys because they have no experience in graduate school working with students, especially women. BASF is also a plant that values people skills. They have let go employees that tested positive for weed, and an angry or arrogant employee sticks out like a sore thumb. Finally, BASF is a German company, so be old school and write a thank you note to your interviewer. There is a general skills test that everyone must take and pass. It consists of safety, mechanical, and good work habit skills. I aced it, but there are some local people who are dumb as boards who don't pass. I would say to recent graduate applicants to save up your money in your state working as a barista because the pay is great and the local talent pool may not be the sharpest tools in the shed.

2 Answers

Is I have undergraduate & graduate experience in the labs working with students, faculty, staff, etc. Do I need to include this in my introduction of my résumé or under job experience or both? Less

I had experience working in an Undergraduate school lab or Internship. I did my homework about BASF products. My ISO 9001 experience was well received. Less


How would I benefit the company

2 Answers


I would bring excellent customer service experience.

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