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How would you show a correlation between two types of data?

3 Answers

***Probably asked based on my prior research experience*** I kinda fudged this one. I said that I'd compute the covariance of the two datasets. My interviewer took the answer but didn't show whether or not he liked that answer.

Covariance and correlation coefficient are based on Gaussian assumption, Spearman's rank correlation maybe a better choice if they are totally different types of data. A scatterplot before calculating these statistics is recommended.

if two are both quantitative variables, use correlation. if both are categorical, use two way table. if one is quantitative and the other is categorical, then convert the quantitative one to a categorical one then make a two way table.

What's difference between a technical business analyst and a systems analyst?

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Describe a data structure for phone numbers in a particular area.

2 Answers

Swap two numbers while not using the temp variable.

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What would you rather prefer? SQL or PHP?

4 Answers

Do you realize we don't do engineering here?

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What is a normal distribution? What would you think if your data didn't fit one?

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Recursive calculate n! Write down code

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why deloitte

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Which data structure would you use to organize a phonebook, and how would you optimize it?

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