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Will you be intersted in taking additional responsibilities ?

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Never answer an interview qustion with yes or no. Show that you are a thinker. That is why they ask these questions to see if you have the ability to think on the spot. Say something like this: Yes I enjoy challenges and indeed look for new responsibilities every chance I get. At my previous employer a lot of the time I was the first one there and the last one to leave. If I accept a career here at Sprint (or anywhere) I am completely dedicated to giving 200% in pursuit of my career with an outstanding corporation like Sprint.

Solve a problem with zero prep-time on the whiteboard where apparently the "right answer: was a solution they had already sold to the business/client, and thus, was the only right answer.

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How do you choose technologies? Do you consider organization capabilities to deliver or the market for the technologies? Which one do you prefer most?

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How did you manage difficult clients? Give an example.

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Questions of Project Management were posed in addition to Technology skills which was unexpected for the role in question.

What are your asperations? What are yourGoals? Wher do you see yourself in next five years?

How to get data from a robotics systems in the best, most secured way and remotely.

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