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Jefferson Wells International
Technology Risk Management Consultant was asked...August 19, 2010

Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.


Hoeveel katten zijn er in Nederland?

6 Answers

Waarom vraag je dit? Wil je het aantal katers en poezen weten? Wil je weten welke katten als huisdier geregistreerd zijn? Of wil je weten hoeveel katten in een asiel verblijven? Wil je ook het aantal wilde, loslopende katten weten? Less

Te weinig

Analytisch en stapsgewijs denken. en vanuit een framework proberen te denken

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WHAT IS YOUR AGE??? - A totally prohibited ground in HR context.

5 Answers

Look at the question: "What is your age?" That's different from "How old are you?" Answer accordingly. Less

I was asked this question by the CEO of a company during my telephonic interview. Even though I didn't ask, told me his age. That just seemed weird and not very professional. This wasn't Deloitte. Less

So many ways to find this information - in a, sort of, sneaky way. Has no-one noticed that now you not only being asked for your degrees but what year you obtained them - easy enough to extrapolate in the majority of cases... Less

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FDM Group

This question came up in the set venn diagram test. Out of 120 students, those with ID's that are even numbers are doing Physics, and all with ID's divisible by 5 are doing Chemistry, and all with ID's divisible by 7 are doing Maths. How many are doing Physics AND Maths? How many are doing Maths and Chemistry? How many are doing neither subject? etc..

5 Answers

This last method is simpler, thanks

How you did that??? I'm so confused with all these maths. Any help???

Assuming the ID's range from 1-120: Number of students taking Physics: 60 (there are 60 numbers between 1-120 that are divisible by 2) Chemistry: 24 (only 24 numbers between 1-120 that are divisible by 5) Maths: 17 Physics and Chemistry: 12 Physics and Maths: 8 Chemistry and Maths: 2 All three subjects: 1 Less

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Credit Suisse

Try to tell me your best quality I did not ask you yet ?

4 Answers




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Pourquoi travaillez-vous ici ?

2 Answers

To reach Money :D

i also inspire to apple product and i think apple makes life much easier and i wai nt to being a part of apple becoz apple makes my imagination true and i have many ideas ... Less

ITC Infotech

Will you ready to work on Saturdays occasionally . but actually it almost regular

1 Answers

Yes no problem


An example of a recent news item that might affect IBM or the professional services industry they work in.

3 Answers

What was the most creative or original thing you've ever done?

Hey, what was the third questions? 1) most creative thing youve done 2) proudest moment 3) recent news impacting IBM? Less

What was the third question? and are these all for the video interview?

Data Glove

You have to measure exactly 4 liters of water, but you only have a 3-liter bottle and a 5-liter bottle. How do you do it?

3 Answers

I used to ask a variation of this question to job applicants. Short answer is: Fill 5 liter to top. Empty into 3 liter. Dump 3 liter. Empty remaining 2 liters in 5 liter into 3 liter thereby leaving a 1 liter space in the 3 liter. Fill 5 liter to top. Empty 5 liter into 3 liter thereby leaving 4 liters in the 5 liter container. Many paths up the mountain . Less

Fill both the 3 liter and the 5 liter exactly half full = 1.5 liters + 2.5 liters = 4 liters Less

Fill the 3 liter bottle. Pour the 3 liter bottle contents into the 5 liter bottle. Fill the 3 liter bottle. Use the 3 to fill the 5 to the top. Empty the 5. Pour the remainder of the 3 liter bottle (1 liter) into the 5. Fill the 3. Pour the 3 into the 5 liter bottle. 3 + 1 = 4. Less

FDM Group

Three things occur at once. A baby is crying, a tea kettle is whistling, and the phone is ringing. In which order will you take of the problems and why?

3 Answers

Turn off the kettle, attend to the baby, and let the phone go to voice mail. Turn off the kettle first because it would be too risky to hold the baby near a stove in operation with steam coming from the kettle. Attend to the baby because once you have removed environmental risks, it is the most critical situation and most immediately resolvable. If the phone cannot be answered before the baby's crying has been resolved, delegate the task of answering to voice mail, and then answer the voice mail at the earliest possible chance. Less

Take the kettle off so you can hear the caller once you answer the phone. Do these both and you've removed the likely causes of the baby's crying. Less

Check on the baby in case its a life/death situation then pick up the call because it could be an emergency then deal with the kettle afterwards since its highly unlikely that it could be a lif/death situation Less

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