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Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.

Do you realize we don't do engineering here?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

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Case was a bit difficult.

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The pre employment test is exceedingly difficult unless you are a wizard at Algebra and Logic. Logic here is defined as what symbol in sequence comes next. Be prepared or you will fail your way out of a job.

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Describe 3 of your weaknesses.

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Describe a situation where you dealt with a difficult customer or co-worker

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A medium sized medical network or regional health organization is considering the purchase and implementation of an Electronic Medical Record system. What are some of the issues that the organization should consider and develop a plan for to be successful.

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How do you give the ROI figures to the client? How do you show them that the Solution you are selling is going to help them

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