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It was an hour interview. They mainly wanted to know about my background.

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It was hard to say what they wanted. The IT Director lived in the Czech Republic and Korea, so I thought I had an edge in getting the job, but that didn't seem the case.

How you would go about deciding how many elevators are needed for this office building?

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There was nothing too technical and they did not present any case questions. I was thrown off by the question, "what is your greatest technical strength and greatest technical weakness?"

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Behavioral: They really shape them based on how the conversation is going. Tell me something interesting? How do you make people agree with your idea? Case: Questions were written on Case. These were not used. Questions will be different depending on each case.

The interview was fairly relaxed, probably because they wanted to interview me on the spot. They asked what my future plans were and why I wanted the IT internship. Nothing too technical.

Describe a experience in your life where you have faced a difficult problem? How did you solve it?

Describe one activity where you showed your leadership skills?

Design object model for battle ship. What is something you're passionate about?

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