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Can anyone tell me how much an employee makes from the "Vanguard Partnership Plan"?

2 Answers

No one's going to tell you for fear of getting fired... but it can be a really nice chunk of change in the beginning of the summer. I can say that!

Based on tenure and company performance last 3 years. Example mid level D salaried employee, 7 years, around $45,000 2013 x 1.5 factor = $7500.00 years

What is a technology that has had an impact on your life?

1 Answer

If you had to explain XYZ (the subject will change person to person, mine was lacrosse) to someone who had never played the sport or even heard of it before, how would you?

1 Answer

If you could have have anyone on your team who would they be?

1 Answer

What is one example of a team where some members weren't pulling their weight and what did you do?

Describe a time where you challenged your leader's opinion?

Behavioral questions, such as 'When were you in a leadership position?'

What are some of your interests outside of school?

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