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Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.

This company seems lost on agile and true development process, and exactly what they are solving for.

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Do you have references? What is the most important thing for a software tester? What do you think a lead software tester does? Which methodology do you prefer? What tools did you use when testing? How did you perform each test? Where is your school located? What year did you graduate? Show me how to secure a server running (Paper and pen was pushed across the table.) Do you have any questions for us? *Bait and Switch seems to be common for Local and State tech positions (at least for me). Be prepared to answer non related questions if you have additional skills not required for the job. In my case, I was only supposed to do "entry level" functions ( presentations, budget journals, UPK recordings, etc.). However, none of my interview question were related to the job description. In other words, I came in to work as a "project assistant" and interviewed as if I was tester or software engineer.

Case Study was to come up with a mobile app to meet a need of the business.

What experience do you have in assisting customers and coworkers with technology?

The VP stopped me several times and said that isn't what I asked you. She even told me that user experience isn't the answer for this company. I almost answered back then what the heck is! this company is in a turnaround and needs leadership guidance for their customer support team in SFO and SLC. Both are not doing well. She asked for observations then yelled at me for giving my opinion instead of her perceived observations.

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They inquired about my experience and job responsibilities in my previous position with HSBC and its predecessor companies. They were interested in my paralegal and government relations background, reviewing and reporting on proposed legislation and regulations affecting credit insurance and debt protection products across the United States.

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They asked remedial questions like job history and strengths and weaknesses. They ask about working with conflict and working under pressure.

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