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Why are manhole covers round?

9 Answers


A round cover won't fall into a round hole.

Who cares?

They asked if I had any sales experience.

1 Answer

Everyone was nice, except one jackass. I was way over qualified, no hard or unexpected questions. They hired a casher from one of their stores to do the job since he could run the POS system ROFL

1 Answer

"You know we can't pay you much, you ok with that?"

1 Answer

How would your past employee's describe your management style?

1 Answer

I don't recall any tough/unexpected questions

1 Answer

Unexpected: I was asked if I was not asked any question I had hoped they would ask? Difficult - Technical question regarding my experience with systems asked by someone who did not have the knowledge. how to answer without making them look bad?

1 Answer

What do you see as your ideal job?

1 Answer

What kind of provisioning process have you worked with for automated provisioning of servers for end customers (hiring manage never brought this up; only the director put it on the table - it was a sandbag).

1 Answer

How have you gotten someone, who does not work for you, to do something to advance your project or initiative?

1 Answer
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