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What would you do on day 1 here?

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Descibed typical ramp-up process. In retrospect, I think the question meant what would you do on day 1 after all the ramping up.

What is your minimum salary requirement?

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What do you mean by you did <industry jargon on resume>? How did you do it? We need it, but don't know how we would do it.

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What is the command to sort out data in SQL?

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I was asked to explain how I would measure the success of a project in a quantifying manner and that was something I didn't expect and couldn't answer successfully. They are big on running ROIs for projects and proving, with numbers, how much a system implementation has improved the efficiency of the business process. Since I have never done anything like this before, it was difficult for me to propose a proper method.

While I can't go into specifics due to Facebook's NDA interview policy, I will say that very practical experience will help you in navigating these interviews. Answering in general will only lead to more specific questions.

Was asked to explain how I would close a sales deal given a case study.

They made some technical questions regarding some technologies that are relevant to the job.

What was the most difficult situation you have had in your career and how did you handle it?

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