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IT Business Development Representative - SALES ROLE was asked...November 19, 2019

Are you prepared to take on a 100% commission-based contractor position that may turn into a full-time job?

1 Answers

I said no and that they should advise people before coming in that this is what the position is. Less

First Derivatives

What would make you different to other applicants?

1 Answers

I didn't apply, your approached me.

Mosaic Sales Solutions

Most difficult was decoding the email. Why would someone send an interview request in that format? Really hacked me off!

1 Answers

Keep your hiring process simple. This is not a game my family depends on me being employed. Less


Asked me about how much you are a competitive person?

1 Answers

I said 9, and after he asked why did you choose it, I answered cause I want to get better always and I believe I am good at competitions. Less

Gold Computer & Electronics

What would you do if you have faced a frustrated customer?

1 Answers

I would handle the situation professionally and if things does not calm down. I would ask some Help from my line manager. Less


The interviewer asked me to tell her something about myself that will help her to get to know me as a person. It was clear that she wasn't limited my answer to "work-related" content. I could have told her ANYTHING about myself -- my family, my childhood, my hopes for the future, whatever.

1 Answers

I chose to answer her question by discussing my first job after I graduated from college -- a job that didn't work out very well for me. My supervisor (NOT the person who hired me) was a very ineffective leader, and he made life pretty miserable for me and our entire shift (about 7 or 8 people). The work environment wasn't enjoyable at all for ANYONE. The company didn't make it easy to communicate with management, and I never figured out how to make things better at work. I eventually decided to quit, after only three months. I learned a lot about myself during that three months, and I also learned something about accepting a new job: In the same way that the company is deciding whether to hire me, I also need to be making my own evaluation of the company, to decide whether I want to work for THAT company. Less


What actions could I have taken in my last job that would have made my company more attractive and more competitive with others offering the same or a similar product?

1 Answers

At my prior job, I stressed the quality of our products, the competitive pricing we offered relative to competitors, and the culture of our company whose goal was one which was interested in establishing a long-term, trusted, and honest relationship with our customers. Less

Staples (Canada)

How would you treat someone with shady looks and a bag on their back

1 Answers

Same as I would treat anyone else, with respect.


Do you play sports?

1 Answers

Team sports are important to learn that everything is teamwork. Individual sports are also great because it requires discipline and practice. Less


What makes you better than the other person we interviewed? Why do you want to work with oracle?

1 Answers

I have always been successful in my past experience with other companies and that's the same passion and commitment i would bring to this company if I am selected. My results are evident in the award and recognition I got from previous employers Less

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