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How do you deal with teams?

1 Answer

Make sure you talk about a bad experience and how you deal with people not doing their work,

Give me an example of data types? (but they use a different word for it so be ready)

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Tell me how you deal with co-workers that have different backgrounds that you may or may not agree with.

They asked about my resume, leadership/teamwork skills, my coding background, SDLC, projects I've worked on in the past, why I want to join this company. As always, make sure you know your resume inside and out. For the behavioral portion conducted by HR, they went through my resume and asked how I work in a team, how I solved problems as a leader and similar things. HR asked me if I had any other offers and how much other companies were paying me.They ask about your location preference--since this is consulting, they expect you to be able to move anywhere at anytime for projects sometimes. The technical interview was conducted by managers. They took some time to get to know you and your background. Then they asked technical questions asking about my ability to code, my interests in technology, the software development life cycle, and former projects. They new that I was an undergraduate student so they didn't really give me a hard time about not being able to answer difficult technical questions. They were more interested in your ability to adapt, work in a team and willingness to learn.

Can you explain the different SDLC methods to me?

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What do you believe a day to day life would be for a Technology Solutions Analyst

Why are you out of work for so long?

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What are the steps that go into risk planning and assessment

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